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Merchants Inventory for Business Tax Receipt Renewal

  1. In order to determine an Aventura business's proper local business tax for the forthcoming fiscal year, the following form must be completed.
  2. Business Information
    Please complete the following fields.
  3. The business is a retail and/or wholesale business which is in the business of selling goods or merchandise on a retail and/or wholesale basis.
  4. The following is a report of the previous year figures or if a new business projected figures for the upcoming year, for the above-described business, of the cost value of retail stock (inventory) and/or cost value of consigned merchandise. If the business is new or has been in existence for less than one year use projected figures for the upcoming year. You may use fiscal or calendar years.
  5. Please provide the cost value of retail stock (inventory) and/or consigned merchandise in whole dollars.
  6. Certification
    I certify, that the information and valuations stated above by me are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
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