Information Technology

Bringing the Latest Technology to Aventura

Bringing the latest technology to Aventura, Information Systems provides and maintains the technical infrastructure and application support for the staff of the City of Aventura and its citizens. We strive to provide our internal and external customers a secure, stable computing environment with state of the art applications.

Responsibilities of IT

  • Centralizes all computer and application orders for the City of Aventura
  • Maintains the City's website
  • Provides proactive communication through MyAventura
  • Maintains the City's radio station (1650 a.m., WPZQ420)
  • Programs the City's government access cable TV station
  • Programs the City's digital information signs
  • Coordinates creation of quarterly newsletter and other printed materials

Safe Surf

The City of Aventura cares about keeping kids safe on the Internet. We initiated the "Safe Surf" campaign to educate parents and children about ways to stay safe while surfing the Net.

Visit Secure Florida, an excellent resource with safety tips.

Cyber-Security Awareness for Everyone

Computer Tips

  • Visit Secure Florida's website for tips on various topics from Email to Security and Viruses.
  • Keep your computer's anti-virus up to date.
  • Be sure to have the latest updates for your browser.
  • Don't trust links in email from unknown sources.