Advisory Boards

A Commitment of Involvement

The following advisory boards were created to encourage civic engagement in the Aventura community. All meetings of the advisory boards are open to the public.

Arts in Public Places Advisory Board

The mission of the Advisory Board is to assist the City in identifying, selecting and obtaining works of art for display in City owned parks, buildings and facilities in order to further enhance the diverse array of cultural and educational opportunities which are available in the City. The Board will develop proposed protocols and guidelines for achieving the mission. 

Current Board Members

  • Mayor Enid Weisman
  • Adriana Lerner Adelson
  • Marina Kessler
  • Dr. Miles Kuttler
  • Marina Wecksler

Arts and Cultural Center Advisory Board

The Mission of the Board is to assist the City in maintaining a facility that offers a wide range of quality entertainment year-round and cultivates partnerships with other local and regional organizations to enhance the quality of life for Aventura by providing a variety of performing arts and relevant cultural programming for audiences of all ages.

The jurisdiction of the Board shall be solely advisory. Action of the Board shall be in the form of a written recommendation of advice to the City Manager and/or Arts and Cultural Center General Manager. The following matters shall be within the advisory jurisdiction of the Board:

  • Promote the mission of the Arts and Cultural Center and broad spectrum of performing arts.
  • Provide input on programming options as requested by the City Manager and Arts and Cultural Center General Manager. Final programming decisions shall rest with the Arts and Cultural Center General Manager.
  • Recommend and assist with the implementation of fundraising and sponsorship opportunities to support the Center's operations and programming. The Board may accept donations on behalf of the Center in a manner as approved by the City Manager.
  • Review policies and regulations as requested by the City Manager and Arts and Cultural Center General Manager as it relates to the Arts and Cultural Center.
  • Assist in the promotion of the Arts and Cultural Center programs and assist in organizing the annual "Curtains Up" event.

Current Board Members

  • Amit Bloom
  • Ellen Elias
  • Judy Scott Lotwin
  • Gloria Muroff
  • Rita Regev
  • Lisa Robbins
  • Renee Rotta
  • Edna Schenkel
  • Lenore Toby-Simmons

Community Services Advisory Board

The City Commission of Aventura enacted Ordinance 2001-08, providing for the creation of the Community Services Advisory Board. The Board consists of seven members who are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Commission. The Board was created to provide advice and recommendations to the City Commission and staff.

The following matters are within the advisory function of the board:

  • Stimulate greater public awareness and encourage participation by the community in beautification and GO Green initiatives by establishing recognition programs.
  • Review and provide input on special events, recreation activities, senior and youth programs, and GO Green initiatives.
  • Act as the City's Tree Board for the Tree City USA requirements.
  • Other matters assigned by the City Commission and City Manager.

Current Board Members

  • Jonathan Evans
  • Sandra Kaplan
  • Bonnie Lotterman
  • Daniel Naim
  • David Pulver
  • Michael Stern
  • Sherry Superfine

The creation of this board exemplifies the City Commission's commitment to citizen involvement in their government.

Youth Advisory Board

The Board consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval of the City Commission. The mission of the Board is to assist the City of Aventura in educational, civic, and community events and activities. Additional information on the Board can be found in the adopted Ordinance (No. 2017-03), available at

Current Board Members


  • Emily Briskin
  • Kaitlyn Garcia
  • Sofia Korn
  • Mayrav Lapidot
  • Eric Perczek
  • Rebecca Richmond-Parks
  • Gabriela Sartan


  • Leon Assor
  • Valentina Baredes
  • Michael Braun
  • Chloe Freitas
  • Belina Milhem
  • Carolina Wesley